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APPLY HERE: CHANGE MAKERS COHORT #3 (instructions for applicants and donors)

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

For Applicants *invite-only*: APPLY HERE



The goal of Black Citizen is to build community power by investing in emerging leaders who seek to sustain the movement for Black lives by transforming their local communities. We believe movements are enlightened by people interwoven into the fabric of the community and must be properly resourced to sustain.

For our Emerging Leaders Cohort 3, professional leadership coaching we will offer $5,000 micro-grants, professional leadership coaching, and an opportunity to publish original work through a collaboration with Last Gen Publishing.

We are excited to announce the launch of our third cohort of the Emerging Leaders program.

Six new organizers will achieve:

  • Better defined social agency

  • Increased competency around movement building

  • And the adoption of tools to collectively challenge oppressive systems

  • A thought leadership platform to scale their impact through others


The 6-month program consists of:

  • Professional 1:1 weekly leadership coaching through our partner A-Plan Coaching

  • Monthly group coaching to share experiences and discuss strategies about how to build power, build a personal brand, career exploration, and deal with mental health at work and in the community

  • Publishing and showcasing each member’s expertise

  • Video and social media assets to amplify cohort voices

Ideal applicants:

  • Are located in the Bay Area

  • Actively leading movements or social initiatives in their local communities

  • Focus areas: Increasing Civic Engagement Among Black Voters, Addressing Economic and Wealth Disparities, K-12 Education, General Health & Wellness, Climate Justice, General Support for Disenfranchised Communities, Cultural and Art Preservation

  • Connected to a non-profit

If you are interested in donating to this fund OR starting your own please see the instructions here or email us directly at

Take a look at the application below and make a submission here. We suggest you fill in the answers on a separate document and then cut/copy.



First Name, Last Name, Phone, Email, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Website, Organization, Mission Statement (if applicable)


  • Short Description of your project (3 sentence max)

This should be a short statement explaining the mission/intent of your project and what you hope to accomplish, and how you will spend your micro grant.

  • Full Statement of Purpose (300 words max)

Please provide a full project description--including an overview of who you are, the project, relevant background details, and what you hope to accomplish. Use this as an opportunity to display in writing, your true authentic self!


All leaders we invest in will successfully complete 6 monthly group and individual coaching sessions. Upon completion, grantees will become attuned to indicators of success like self-awareness, general wellness, professional growth, and shared purpose. We are seeking to ensure the next wave of Black leaders are connected to the people and networks that will help them realize their true potential to disrupt systems, evoke change, and assume positions of power and influence.

  • Are you willing to participate in a bi-monthly 60-90-min group coaching session with other cohort members and 2 hours of individual coaching? Yes/No

  • Identify three focus areas you would like to share with your leadership coach. Please note you will have an opportunity to choose your coach and provide more details prior to your first 1:1 session. (200 words max)


As network connectors we provide a platform for any person to help combat complex systems and address critical needs within Black communities. Everyone has a responsibility to participate in this movement for Black lives.

  • Identify a few areas of support and relevant details that can help fully take your project to the next level (i.e. additional fundraising, government connections, introduction to other community based organizations, communications & public relations)



We all have a responsibility to share our knowledge and experience with other leaders and those on the rise. We will be working with LastGenPublishing who highlights multicultural perspectives, stories, and voices that provide value to others. They focus on publishing books and multimedia projects that are uplifting, motivational, informative, and practical, particularly for and by marginalized audiences.

  • Think about what you would say if you were writing short thesis, op-ed, article, or even video blog about your work. What issue area would you cover and why is it significant to you?

Take a look at the application below and make a submission here. (

For Supporters:

We are thrilled about your interest in making an investment in Black lives. There are a number of opportunities to get involved with this Fund.

  • DONATE: All monetary contributions will go directly to applicants around the focus areas specific to this Fund. Donate here.

  • VOLUNTEER: Once a cohort of applicants are selected, we can connect you directly with the organization for opportunities to get involved.

  • PRO BONO SERVICES: Are you not sure how to give or help support the movement for Black lives? Your professional talent might be what an organization or emerging leader needs to take their work to the next level.

To begin the process send an email to

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