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#GiveBlack College Fund - in Response to the Supreme Court Decision to Reject Affirmative Action

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

Receiving a quality education has been a lifeline for so many Black children.

Unfortunately, the recent decision by the US Supreme Court to reject affirmative action in college admissions and block student loan forgiveness is a setback and undermines the tremendous progress made by decades of organizing. It is essential to acknowledge, our country still struggles with diversity. We must keep working to build power and confront oppressive systems that impede progress, equal access, and justice. Education is a fundamental right and deserves to be protected and promoted.

The #GiveBlack College Fund will be offered to Black High School seniors from the Bay Area entering college.

Through Black Citizen, we'll donate the first $5,000 to a fund for Black students entering college. During the next 30 days, we encourage you to invite friends, family, and others in your network to contribute to our collective action to push back against the Supreme Court's decision to reverse affirmative action and block student loan forgiveness.

Can't donate or want to do more? Send us a 1-2 minute video answering, "What opportunities did higher education provide for you?”

MAKE A DONATION HERE. If you want to write a check or have another way of donating feel free to reach out: All donations are 100% tax deductible. All proceeds will go towards scholarships.

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