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Young, Elected, & Black w/ Mayor Michael Tubbs, Rep. Angie Nixon (FL),& Rep. Jeramey Anderson (MS)

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

Michael Tubbs

On November 8, 2016, Michael Tubbs was elected to serve as the mayor of the City of Stockton, California. Upon taking office in January 2017, elected at the age of 26, Michael Tubbs became both the nation’s youngest mayor, for a city of over 100,000 people and Stockton’s first African-American mayor. Recognized as one of Politico’s Top 50, Fortune’s Top “40 under 40,” and Forbes’ list of the “30 Under 30,” Tubbs’ leadership paired with an ambitious progressive agenda has received national recognition. Since taking office, Mayor Michael Tubbs secured a $20 million private donation to launch “Stockton Scholars,” which will provide up to $4,000 to help students pay for college or trade school for a decade. Mayor Tubbs also worked to bring “Advance Peace” to Stockton, a program that works to reduce gun violence in communities by identifying and engaging the less than one percent of Stockton’s population known to commit gun crimes. Mayor Tubbs also launched the nation’s first-ever municipal level basic income pilot, known as the Stockton Economic Empowerment Demonstration or SEED. Today, Mayor Tubbs is focused on poverty reduction, public safety, workforce development, community engagement, and organizing and collective impact strategies. Tubbs has been a college course instructor for Aspire Public Schools and a Fellow at the Stanford Institute of Design and the Emerson Collective. Today Tubbs is a Fellow for the Harvard Institute of Politics, founder/Chair of both Mayors for a Guaranteed Income and Reinvent Stockton Foundation


Angie Nixon

Native of Jacksonville Florida with a 10-year career as a community organizer advocating for: access to healthy foods, education, and training for small businesses. She also has a background in both political and union organizing with SEIU Florida, the Bernie Sanders campaign for President, and Florida Public Service Union’s Higher Education Campaign. Today she is continuing this work in the Florida State Legislature as a representative to the 14th District. She won 59% of the vote in 2020 against the incumbent.


Jeramey Anderson

A member of the Mississippi House of Representatives, representing District 110. He was first elected to the chamber in 2013 by winning a special election at age 21, he became the youngest African American elected to a legislature in United States history winning 59% of the vote. He also serves on the Advisory Board for "Let America Vote" which is an organization dedicated to winning the public debate over voter suppression in the United States. He also serves as co-chairman for the Mississippi Future Caucus, a bipartisan caucus for lawmakers under 40. Rep. Anderson has authored, and co-authored legislation centered around increasing the minimum wage, full funding for public education, wage equality, criminal justice reform, and childcare subsidies. In November of 2020, Jeremey launched his campaign for Mayor of Moss Point.


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